New Year- New Soap!

FARMHOUSE ALE is our new soap! We've been looking around for a farmhouse ale beer- they're wonderful saison beers and we decided to test ours out with Boulevard Brewing Co. Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale... or is it American Saison?

At The Spruce Eats, Bryce Eddings says this: "Saison is an ale style of beer that originated in southern Belgium. Also called "farmhouse ale, it's a rustic beer that, unlike other styles, is open to the brewer's interpretation."  So- a farmhouse ale is also  known as a saison. The beer in our new Farmhouse Ale is Boulevards American version of the Belgian inspired Farmhouse Ale... So- Cheers to our new soap- the American Farmhouse Ale- It includes grapefruit & cinnamon leaf essential oils, ground cinnamon, cloves and black pepper & will be on our website soon- We'll also have a candle to match- 

Click on bottles below for more beer info:


Brown Bag Soap Farmhouse Ale Saison         Brown Bag Soap Farmhouse Ale

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