Brown Bag Soap Company & Alcoholwicks...

We've been  making soap & candles for the past 12 years. It started with the 3 of us taking a soap class together in north Georgia. We loved it and with having a few extra beers on hand, we decided to try it out in a soap recipe. It turned out wonderful. Not just on our skin but in our hair too!  We've enjoyed making beer & champagne soaps ever since. We also added candles- some beer & champagne scented- others with wonderful natural aromas.

We came up with the name Brown Bag Soap Company because when you purchase something from a package store they put it in a paper bag for you, and in the South, this is known as "brown baggin it"- so Brown Bag Soap Co. seemed like the perfect fit.

We use all natural ingredients and now make the goods in our barn just outside Athens, Ga. 

Thanks for stopping by- Cheers!

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   Hannah,        Vicki            and Carson