To markets we go...

     We started taking our soaps to market back in 2012 and have been to quite a few over the years. We will be at several markets this year- 2024- to get our soaps out there! If you're a maker you'll realize how important it is to get your product out to the public. Any way you can. Markets are the best way to be discovered- noticed- get local customers- and build your customer base. Word of mouth is WAY more powerful than social media or advertising. And... cheaper- LOL. Just requires a little more work. Some markets are definitely a lot of work. But they're all well worth the time, money & sweat. The wonderful folks out there are even offering a free market spot to local makers- that is something we never noticed until recently- in wake of the ole Covid pandemic. Which was really smart of them- to get people out & about and help all the makers- and themselves- get life back to as much normalcy as possible and help their business thrive. Athentic Brewing here in Athens is one of those amazing retailers- they have local markets at their brewery throughout the year. Get out to the wonderful local markets in your area and support your local makers! #makersgonnamake!

Photo of Hannah & Carson at the Sweetwater 420 fest- a little while ago-  Cheers!

 Brown Bag Soap market


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